Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

biologist, wildlife illustrator & photographer, ultra runner

$8.5 Million for Mini

While spending hours and hours in the mountains on trails, I like to stop and play. I take photos of miniatures.

I’ve had a fascination with miniatures for longer than I can remember. I would have moved into the Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures

Marriage of Artist Athlete

I am not a photographer. We are all visual recorders. I studied photography pre digital age. I’ve dated a professional photographer. I know lots of real photographers. I am not one. But I sure am addicted to taking pix with my iphone and posting on instagram. I’ve tried to scale back the visual recording (I believe it’s become an all too easy replacement of making things with my hands – this I don’t like)

Speed fueled focus.

Tweakers make some of the best art. Speed fueled focus. You should see the hand beaded egg I own. A friend of mine has a collection of hand beaded eggs from a meth head. Unfortunately, the artist couldn’t make art when he stopped the meth. A million tiny tiny beads glued to eggs in patterns.

In Atwater Village, there’s a perfect rock art garden

Cahuenga & Selma

Hollywood print shop run by two lesbian bowlers. #tbt 1992, I landed in LA for a boy I met in a bar in Dallas, Texas. By ’94, I was working for second lithographer– CopyMaster located on Cahuenga and Selma in Hollywood. The building is now a slick barber. Family owned print shop. Family that bowled together in the valley. Two lesbian bowlers pretty much ran the shop. One of which dated a pro bowler. I knew nothing about Brunswick. Lit cigs dangled from lips while stripping over a light tables. If you know lithography, you know none of that sentence is rated R.

Soft Skeletons

Soft skeletons hand sewn

Remember HGTV’s show “Crafters Coast to Coast”? I loved that show! In an episode* in 2005, Andrew Knipe showed us how to make skeleton dolls out of old dish towels. I made one or two out of towels (I still have the first one) and quickly moved to scrap fabric, cloth napkins or t-shirts. I hadn’t realized that I’ve been making these skeleton dolls for 15 years. Always about this time of year. Well, actually, way before Halloween so that I can sell them or give a gifts. I sometimes make two or ten.

Morning Routine

The artist and the engineering collaborated on vimeo’s weekend challenge: morning routine (rule: keep length to about one minute). We both are training for a 100k trail race. We rise at 6 am on Saturdays and Sundays for back to back training runs. The engineer hates getting up early. Me… the earlier the better! Morning…

The Drawing Room

Rosie, the bartender, didn’t drink alcohol. Luke, the Chinese owner, took us to Chinatown for cocktails. Tall ginger chef and short closeted colored man each had a wandering eye – on different sides. Perfect red nails read the paper as she said, “I’ll squeeze the fat around your neck,” to the man taking up space next to her at 6:15 a.m.

Holiday Shoot

Wondering where this year’s holiday shoot will be for Hazel & Loy. Maybe I’ll make new hats too.