Soft Skeletons

Remember HGTV‘s show “Crafters Coast to Coast“? I loved that show! In an episode* in 2005, Andrew Knipe showed us how to make skeleton dolls out of old dish towels. I made one or two out of towels (I still have the first one) and quickly moved to scrap fabric, cloth napkins or t-shirts. I hadn’t realized that I’ve been making these skeleton dolls for 15 years. Always about this time of year. Well, actually, way before Halloween so that I can sell them or give a gifts. I sometimes make two or ten.

I’m sewing one right now… a little late as we are 12 days from Halloween and Day of the Dead. Some of my friends keep the dolls up all year round. I still use the basic pattern shown on the tv show. I wish I had photos of all the skeleton dolls I’ve made over the years but I don’t. I searched my archives for dolls that I sold on my etsy shop a few years back. My shop’s merch needs restocked in a bad way but for now I wanted to share my skeleton dolls of the past. October is my favorite month. Maybe I’ll blame the delay on the zero fall weather. Los Angeles’ extended heat wave has zapped us all. I really thought it would never end but today, clouds and raindrops are rolling in. Hope it’s not a tease.

*Episode HCC2C-162

KisKis_SkeletonDoll01 KisKis_SkeletonDoll02 KisKis_SkeletonDoll03 KisKis_SkeletonDoll04 KisKis_SkeletonDoll05 KisKis_SkeletonDoll06


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