Cahuenga & Selma

#tbt 1992, I landed in LA for a boy I met in a bar in Dallas, Texas. By ’94, I was working for second lithographer– CopyMaster located on Cahuenga and Selma in Hollywood. The building is now a slick barber. Family owned print shop. Family that bowled together in the valley. Two lesbian bowlers pretty much ran the shop. One of which dated a pro bowler. I knew nothing about Brunswick. Lit cigs dangled from lips while stripping over a light tables. If you know lithography, you know none of that sentence is rated R.

I loved this job. I loved watching the tranny fix her boobs in the shop’s tinted window. We printed Pamela Anderson’s head shots before surgery. She was very pretty. We paid Jessie James to sweep the sidewalk surrounding the building. He was homeless and had a resume. Some nights he slept in the hotel up the street. That might be the same “Hotel” where singers become famous or famous people sing. We’d see him drunk in the alley behind the Spotlight Bar. We printed stationery for various industry folk, like Icon Productions (Mel Gibson) and Ruthless Records.

The CopyMaster logo was created by an artist that escapes me at the moment. Todd something? My business card pictured here. Are we still using business cards? Remember thermography? Raised printing. This was the inexpensive way to print business cards. The thermographers requested not to use halftones in the art. Well, we did. We printed R.C. Bates‘ card with his various head shots. Is he still around? Last I checked, he was selling poetry. I say we bring back thermography. My next business card is going to be raised printing and I might use a halftone.

lithography IMG_1651

R.C. Bates


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