Speed fueled focus.

Tweakers make some of the best art. Speed fueled focus. You should see the hand beaded egg I own. A friend of mine has a collection of hand beaded eggs from a meth head. Unfortunately, the artist couldn’t make art when he stopped the meth. A million tiny tiny beads glued to eggs in patterns.

In Atwater Village, there’s a perfect rock art garden on the little piece of land at the intersection of Glendale Blvd. and Glenhurst Ave. You know the corner – where we all make the U-turn to head into south Los Feliz. For a few years this corner has been occupied by the same panhandlers. Yes, I’m making a leap in thinking these panhandlers are tweakers. Maybe it’s some other substance. Sober? Doubt it. I can’t imagine it’s plain ol’ alcohol. Alcoholics aren’t that productive and wouldn’t be that physical. This rock art garden is very deliberate. It appeals to my OCD. Makes me smile. Awe every time. I do wonder where they get all those objects. Yards of Atwater missing plants and tchotchkes?

One day, I noticed pastels and drawings back towards the trees. I asked the guy (this guy seems to be there most often) if I could buy one of the drawings. I pulled into the gas station and he brought over 4-5 drawings. I bought this one. In the actual intersection rock art garden, there is a bucket with the words “coin toss” painted on it. As soon as I gave him the 10 spot, he headed into the gas station store. I kept asking if he was the artist but he wasn’t convincing.



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