$8.5 Million for Mini

So a couple weeks ago I told you how I combine trail running with a creative activity. While spending hours and hours in the mountains on trails, I like to stop and play. I take photos of miniatures.

I’ve had a fascination with miniatures for longer than I can remember. I would have moved into the Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures if I could have pulled it off. Much of my attraction to miniatures is wonderment of “how did they make that so tiny?”

The shot is quick. I don’t spend any time setting the scene. Especially if I am on the trails with a friend, we like to keep moving forward quickly. I find a place in which the object will stay upright, whip out the iphone and be done. Post to my instagram post trail run/hike. #ArtistAthlete

My miniatures are not the same as the $8.5 million dollhouse but the views are priceless (had to…).

Pictured here: Barbie @ Mount San Jacinto Peak, Old Goat @ Mount Langley, The Tick @ Griffith Park, Cowboy @ Mount Baldy aka Mount San Antonio, Homie Oso @ Mount Islip



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